Thursday, September 02, 2004

A breach of mommy etiquette??

Ok, E, the oldest pup, went to her umpteenth birthday party of the season at her friend E's house.

FWIW, I like E's mom a lot. She seems friendly and a concerned parent. She cooks meals from scratch, supervises homework, sees that her children receive tutoring when they need it and hey, her DH is an accountant too!I've sipped coffee with J, planned play dates, organized bake sales, signed up for VBS, generally done everything but offer her one of my gently used kidneys.And what thanks do I get for accepting this woman as a near sister....

She gave the little girls at the party loot bags containing...A LIVE BETTA FISH!!!!

Well, in order for a live betta fish to remain a live betta fish it needs:

a bowl/tank (as opposed to the specimen cup it came in)
food (not table scraps, I'm told)
water conditioner (heck, I drink tap water, what makes the fish special?)
optional stuff...light, filter, heater, plants and gravel for decor....and CARE!!!!

This has gone too far....I'm already planning retaliation for next year's round of birthday parties... What to hand out???Puppies? Body piercings? Cans of beer? Bows and Arrows?

Am I over-reacting, or is it odd to give pets as party favours
More importantly, is re-gifting possible in this case?

Ok, some knitting content...

In preparation for school, I finished a little purse for E.

It's based on a Rowan Cotton Tape pattern, Caree, except that it is made from tape picked up on the clearance table at Walmart! Of course it is lined in purple and pink butterfly fabric!


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