Monday, September 06, 2004

Please disregard the previous fish :-(

Just when I was starting to get used to the little guy, we find him in an exceptionally "listless" condition in the bottom of his tank. Yikes....

An opportunity to explain death to the pups...

The kids were much less distressed than I thought they would be. They wondered why the fish died, but beyond that were keen to get a new fish. The personable young lady who helped us at Petsmart was at a loss to explain how we killed the fish in a matter of days. Nikki's cat knocked over her betta tank and the little fella flopped about on the broadloom amidst the shards of glass (which presumably kept the cat at bay) for hours before he was saved.

Well, after receiving expert instruction on betta maintenance, we left the store with this:

Wish Doree luck!

No knitting content today except to note that seeing the betta fish almost inspires me to try my luck at a Charlotte's Web. (see the resemblance?)


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