Tuesday, September 07, 2004

First Day of School! And a Poncho Question!

The first day of school! A major event Chez-Chelle! E was heading back to Grade 2 and E and G were starting Senior Kindergarten. G and C are morning and afternoon kindergarten respectively, so a large part of my day will be spent shuttling kids back and forth to school.

Just cuz they are so cute, here are a couple pictures of the girls, ready for their first day back at school!



and G

And the poncho question....

I love Yarn Harlot's poncho and I have a stash of little girl coloured tape to knit it. Is it too late in the season to knit a cotton tape weight poncho, or should I just start with a heavier, fuzzier weight to make a warmer garment? Strange asking about this when the weather is practically tropical outside, but it is September!


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