Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Request for Opinions...

I'm knitting something for a little girl. She is 8 months old now, so I'm looking to make something a bit bigger than she is, say 12 - 18 month size. I've got a silly number of projects to complete before Christmas, so a quick knit is a necessity. Knitting from stash would be good too!

With those criteria in mind, do you prefer:

Vogue Weekend Knits Mohair Sweater...

I'd probably make it from some mohair that I have. It's a barely there cream colour. I like the teeny pearl buttons, but I'm not too sure about the little bows. If it needs some embellishment, I might be inclined to dot a few more of the pearl buttons on the sweater body.

Being classified as a "weekend knit" the probability is high that I would complete this project pre-Christmas. On the downside, it would be a special occasion sweater only, because it is fussy and fuzzy!

My other choice is a duffle coat. It's from Zoe Mellor's Double Knits. I'm thinking that it will take longer with the seed stitch, but I'm not how much longer, since the overall project is still small. (Unlike a lot of kids stuff, it calls for a 4.5 mm needle, so that isn't too finicky.)

I'd make the duffle coat in one of the two yarns below. They are slightly different weights, so a gauge swatch for each would make the final choice. The colours are not reproduced that accurately. The blue yarn, Paton's Maya, is a light blue with pink slubs. Much nicer seen in person. The lavender yarn is a Sirdar Chunky Kool Kids yarn. It is a powdery lavender with multi-coloured pastel slubs.

Ok, which one should I make? Your opinions are appreciated!!


Gilly konked out on the sofa tonight. She fell asleep on her hand, just like her dad!


At 8:02 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Awww, Gilly's a cutie!

I, personally would knit the Duffel coat. I really like that one.


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