Monday, November 08, 2004

Bits and Pieces

It's funny how many worldly possessions you accumulate during a lifetime.

My husband's mother passed away recently and he and his siblings have been emptying out her house in preparation to sell it. Ian brought home my MIL's small cache of knitting supplies. (My MIL, it should be known, was not really a knitter. She made one child's sweater in recent years. Prior to that, her most recent FO was a sweater pictured in Seventeen magazine for my now "back-end 30's" SIL. As a knitter, prolific she was not.)

These are front panels from a cardigan that she knit for my nephew (her only grandson) when he was 2. I know that she completed the cardigan, so I'm guessing that she had gotten this far when she had a change of heart regarding size and opted to begin again.

Oldtimers like me will recognize the then popular Mary Maxim "toy soldier" cardigan for little boys. She had originally purchased the pattern to make cardigans for my DH and his older brother in the early 60's.

The sweater is knit mostly out of unknown Lopi (I can't find a ball band anywhere, but I'm guessing that it's vintage) with cardinal accents in Patons Shetland Chunky. More odds and bits for my modest stash.

On a lighter note, I did find this charming knitting magazine! If you look closely, there is a picture on the cover of golf club covers knit in ecru and kelly green and held together with a chain-stitch cord!! Gotta whip me up some of those for Christmas prezzies!

Fellow Canucks will appreciate this contribution from MIL's stash... The Beehive "Innovation" sock, designed especially for the Canadian National Exhibition!

Note: "Grandstand" and "Midway" variations are available.

This is an interesting sock pattern in that it requires only 2 needles (except for the toe and it is knit "flat" in part.

And for knitting socks and vintage baby patterns, some teeny-tiny dpns and a miniscule circular needle with metal cable.

Ok, not to appear too dense, but what is this? Email me with the first correct answer and I just might have a teeny little prize for you. (BTW, If you haven't guessed, I'm curious if anyone reads this blog, particularly this far down this blog! LOL)


At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The item at the bottom of the page is a button hook. It has a french ivory (plastic) handle. It is used to button up ladies boots that were worn around 1900. It is worth about $20 although some people price them higher but I don't know if they sell for much more than that.


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