Friday, October 01, 2004

Law of Averages?

Having finally completed a cozy for my cell phone...the cell phone died. The new one (whose selection criterion was simply CHEAP) does not fit the new cozy well. My toast falls butter side down 100% of the time! LOL

Attempting to re-frame this event, I will welcome it as an opportunity to create new cell phone cozies. Since there are so many sizes and shapes of cell phone available now, ranging from tiny to eeny-teeny, I should work on designs that are attractive in smaller sizes.

I have a few scraps of Noro Blossom left over from the Kemp bag. Maybe that will turn into something interesting!

Note Clare holding the needle!

Meantime, I have whipped up another of indigirl's Perfect Pouches ( using a black Lopi that I found at a consignment shop. I am a bit concerned as I seem to have issues with antique Lopi not felting and this one is no exception. I hedged my bet and made the pouch a bit smaller than directed.

Note Clare pinning the pouch!

I did finish lining the green Flower Power bag and tested some of the hemp and mohair squares for feltability. I'm not quite sold yet, so I better try some different guages to be sure.

In other news, I was outside with Gillian and Clare yesterday. Bill, the world's largest Golden Retriever and big Gillian, the lovely teenage girl who owns Bill came by on their walk. Gillian is usually tolerant of big dogs and will touch them fleetingly if you specifically request her to do so.

BUT...Gillian was almost happy to see Bill. While Clare was nuzzling Bill, Gilly let me lead her to him and stroked him without prompting! She didn't try to walk away or turn away from Bill for a good 5 minutes. (Many thanks to big Gillian for her patience with us!)

This is really good news. Gillian is waiting for a service dog and we are trying to acclimatize her to large breed dogs. Her two sisters, Clare especially, can make this a challenge because they are such enthusiastic DOGHOGS! So, it was nice to have Gillian receptive to petting a retriever and not being put off by Clare's more boisterous interaction with Bill. Bill is quite possibly the world's most patient animal.

Anyway, a bit of good, if not knitting-related news!


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