Monday, September 27, 2004

Finishing H@ll! (can I use swear words in a Blog?)

I figured that I'd knock off lining and magnetic snapping those two Flower Power Bags yesterday. True to form, I was finishing the invisible stitching along the top of the brown/tan bag when I noticed that the snaps didn't meet squarely. The Flower Power Bag doesn't have a top flap and is about an inch and a half deep on the sides, so if the snaps aren't perfectly centred they pull the bag squint when you close it. did I manage that?

I shouldn't be suprised, I don't think I've ever lined one of those bags correctly the first time. FWIW, this is a character flaw of my own, Hello Knitty ( has EXCEPTIONALLY clear and detailed instructions about lining bags and installing magnetic snaps on their website.

So, I ripped out the lining and the snaps and re-did them. I somehow feel cheated, I've done the lining twice, I should have both bags finished!

In order to feel like I'd finished something, I pulled this cellphone holder out of my "whatever" pile. It was an experiment with a yarn picked up from the "trading basket" at Haley's Knitomatic. The colours aren't very true, the main yarn is bright orange and the highlight colours are lime, lavender and an almost black! It's a nylon-ish blend that snarls like a Barbie dolls hair when you knit it on small needles. I'd definitely rethink the guage if I make another. I think I'd skip the contrasting stitching and just seam it inside. Well, at least I won't lose my black phone in the bottom of my black purse anymore!

In other knitting news, I've been nibbling away at the Dale Pluto Coat for Knitomatic. I'm almost finished the first sleeve. My set back of the day occurred when Gillian ( my stitch counter and snapped away at it before I could stop her! So I have to go back and count somewhere between 72 and 92 rows to figure out where I left off. That's a project for direct sunlight and a clear head. (Dale Ara is a deeply coloured slubbed yarn that doesn't like to be counted!)


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