Wednesday, September 29, 2004

So much for the Yarn Diet!

After being shamed by the magnitude of my stash (see previous post!), I vowed to "knit down" my inventory somewhat. That resolution lasted for all of a week. I had a babysitter last night and I happened to be in Knitomatic's neighbourhood. (Which is sort of like being on an Atkins diet and finding yourself outside a Krispy Kreme donut store)

Well, pictures speak louder than words...

Rationalizations ahead:

- It really isn't that much...just 9 little skeins. Surely I've knit up that much since I resolved to decrease my on-hand stash. Perhaps the net impact is zero?

- I do have immediate, saleable plans for all of it!

The paired balls of Noro will go to make up some of Indigirl's Perfect Pouches. They are very popular and I wanted some "grown up" colours for customers who don't share my daughters' friends love of hot pink, magenta, sunkist orange and purple!

The lime coloured Llama blend will also go into a small felted bag.

The hemp yarn is going to be part of an experiment in felting. I plan to combine it with some light ecru coloured mohair that I have in my stash and felt up a small bag.

The safari yarn was just too cute to pass up! It's made out of a paper-like substance that is REMARKABLE strong. You just can't rip that stuff. It's a lot like that white paper/fabric that they make un-tearable courier packages, haz-mat suits and vapour-proof barriers for houses. TYVEK?? Ooooh, you're thinking, sounds really attractive, but it is very delicate looking and has a print on it that strongly resembles a cheetah! I'm going to play around a bit with stitch and needle size to come up with something simple, perhaps a variation on Stitch N'Bitch's Chinese Charm Bag with circular handles.

Anyway, I definitely won't be anyplace that sells yarn for a while I think I'm back on the wagon.

BTW, Haley's KNITOMATIC site is at:

Many thanks Haley for mentioning Guardian for Gillian!!! mmmwah!


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