Saturday, November 06, 2004

No Camera :-( No Pictures :-(

DH has "borrowed" the camera for the weekend, (it was HIS Christmas gift after all, so I'm loathe to begrudge him occasional usage) So, no pictures for me until Monday.

I'm so close to completion on the Dale Pluto Coat that I could burst! I have a bit of fiddling with the front ribbing and the collar and then I weave in the ends. I'm not sure if this is going to be a misery or not. The yarn is "thick and thin" so it tends to be quite fuzzy and tough to weave in spots, but its texture makes any irregularities easily forgiven. (The "wouldn't be noticed by a rider on a galloping horse" theory and all, especially considering we're talking about the wrong side here!)

I have appliqued the flowers onto four of the five Flower Power Bags that I'm working on. Felting will occur tonight when there are no pups underfoot to distract me from my mission of checking the washing machine every five minutes. The straps are felted, dried and ready to go.

Since I have some FOs in sight, I'm getting restless to start something new. I've been thinking about designing something for MMJ's magazine and starry-eyed optimist that she is, Haley has been encouraging me! (In truth, I'm truly flattered that she has such confidence in me...certainly more than I have in myself!)

So, I'm entertaining daydreams about nifty stitches and niftier features...etc... Details to follow

We are dog sitting for vacationing friends for the next 10 days. Mimi is an exceptionally well-trained standard Poodle. It's good practice for a service dog, I tell myself. It's a good experience for the kids, right, learning how to care for a living creature? The dog has been here for 24 hours and I've already caught Gillian spoon-feeding Mimi ice cream. Yikes...

Oh, I lied, I do have one picture...

Gilly feeding Mimi a dog cookie...(after first sampling it herself :-P )


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