Monday, December 20, 2004

A Finished Sweater!!

For a very little girl...

As you can see, I did opt for the mohair sweater (from Vogue Knitting's Weekend Knits), decorated with ribbon roses rather than ribbon bows. The hat is from! (little devil hat with cat ears)

Anyway, I'm going to drop off this Christmas present I really only have one more gift to finish before Christmas, the little sweater for the Jack Russell terrier. (The poncho isn't a Christmas gift, so I can slip past the holiday without offending anyone!)

Other noteworthy events... DH and I had planned a romantic, child-free weekend away in celebration of my 40th birthday. Unfortunately, we forgot to clear this with the children and Ellery came down with "walking pneumonia" right before we left. Since our sitter (my SIL) is pregnant and I didn't want to chance exposing her to anything, we cancelled our trip. :-( Ellery missed her entire last week of school, but is feeling better now. To celebrate her recovery, Clare developed a sympathetic case of tonsillitis and I offered up a pretty good case of bronchitis. At least Gilly is still hanging in there!


At 11:50 PM, Blogger H-Star said...

gorgeous set!!!! BTW, SNBs are changed to Wednesday nights now. Wed is the night you are set free, right? missin ya,


At 7:11 AM, Blogger mary-margaret said...

what a beautiful sweater!!!


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