Monday, September 08, 2008

Born with a horseshoe up my....

Well, you get the idea. Less than one full week into school and I had an equipment failure this morning. The alarm clock didn't go off! I'm not a morning person and lately I've been a bit under the weather with some flu-like stuff (another post, another time), so by the time my internal clock got around to waking me it was 7:15. That's about 20 minutes before Boo's bus arrives. Panic ensues.

I raced downstairs to find the bus driver's number to cancel our pick up. (Gilly's special ed class draws kids from a large geographic area and not having to come to our house if we aren't ready can save the driver almost a half hour on her morning run!) While I'm flipping through my mom binder searching for Bev's number, the phone rings and it's the bus company. Bev has mechanical trouble (well, her bus does at any rate) and will be at least 45 minutes late.

Saved by the we will be tomorrow morning. Note the new Manual Backup for the fancy-@ss iPod alarm clock...

Other than that, the kids are settling into their new classrooms. Clare likes riding a bus and loves her new teacher. French is more fun than she thought. Ellery is enjoying her victory lap during her last year at Junior Public School. She and her g/fs are already mentally designing Graduation Dresses...strapless ones at that...(poor DH, he is SO not ready) Gilly is adjusting to the long busride and we are getting good reports back from her teacher.

Knitting-wise, I've finished knitting Eloise and have to seam it. My choices for projects now are:

DH's Na Craga (it's almost cool enough to toss an Aran sweater over my lap during the evening)

Indigo Ripples (a knit skirt is probably a mistake at my age, but what the hey...)

Cassie-inspired Cardigan (I found some Rowan Linen Print on sale and wanted to make this cardigan....except much shorter and no stripes...hence "inspired")


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Ruinwen said...

Glad it all worked out...they say that Fate favors children, fools and ships named Enterprise. :)


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