Wednesday, June 25, 2008

B is for...

A Bevy of Teacher Gifts!!

A couple of Kidsilk Haze cobweb scarves, a knitted bag containing a book, a water bottle sling (with cellphone pocket and keyholder) and a linen knitted pouch purse. Once again, I didn't leave enough time to finish the teacher gifts, so I have severely strained tendons from all of the knitting I've done in the last week. Note to self: linen and mercerized cotton on teeny needles are particularly poor choices for deadline knitting.

Today was the last day of school...only 68 days until the next full school year begins...7 days until Gillian's July school/camp and 10 days until clarinet camp for Ellery and Clare. I've been living at the school for the last couple weeks and have been dreadful about taking pictures, but here are a couple...

Gillian's last day at school...I came to pick her up today (usually she rides the bus home) and the combination of a warm day, year end excitement and mom showing up in the classroom were a bit much. Major meltdown.

Too bad that it came to such an unfortunate end. Gillian found some wonderful teachers and EAs at that school. Next year is a new assignment for program, different demands, more practical life skills instruction and while we are excited, her current school has really been home for 3 years.

Clare also had a "last day". Next year, she is attending an "extended French" program in a different school and will be leaving most of her friends. Here she is performing a duet with David in the year end recital. David is her new beau...she likes him cuz just like her former beau, she can "hit him really hard and he doesn't cry"....I'm so proud.

Clare flubbed a verse...David was not amused. Lucky for him, Clare is more than swinging distance away!

Oh, a quick "way to go" for Olivia. Olivia took a nasty fall yesterday necessitating a cluster of stitches and she still showed up for the recital today! What a trooper!! Good job Olivia!!

Ok, sleepytime's been a long couple weeks and I have a splitting headache. Did I mention that it's less than 10 weeks until school starts?


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