Friday, May 15, 2009


Umm...Wow. Dh's Blackberry reaction to this photo. I have no idea what happened. I was grilling dinner for the girls, went back into the house to set the table and when I popped back out to check on the meat, flames were licking the outside of the bbq from underneath. The dials are melted and I had to turn off the bbq by shutting off the tank.

Well, it's a long weekend in Canada and I'm sure that many enterprising retailers are offering fabulous deals on outdoor kitchens.

Busy, busy, busy...this is a crazy time of the year...the last 6 weeks of school, so I'll try and recap what we've been doing to date!

In less incendiary news, I finished my mother's cardigan in time for her birthday on Saturday. (Happy 80th mom!) It's the Beaded Jacket from Martin Storey's "Classic Knits for Real Women" The patterns are truly classic, but I do find it a bit offputting that "Real Women" sizes (i.e. plus-sizes) begin at a 36 inch bust.

The yarn is RYC Cashsoft Aran and the buttons were saved years ago from a black wool cardigan that my mother bought me for Christmas when I was in college.

I tagged along with Clare's class on a field trip to Medieval Times!

Hey, meat you can eat with your hands...

And falcons, horses and handsome young men in costume...I've had worse field trips!

Ellery and her posse attended a "Youth Dance" at the local community centre. Her she is with Vicky and Celine channelling "Charlie's Angels"

Heading off to the ball, transportation courtesy of Jess' mom:

A quick picture of Ellery holding the banner for her Folk Dancing Team.

And finally a pretty nifty phenomenon that Clare managed to capture on film!

Hopefully an indicator of happy times ahead!