Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bacardi WIP

I haven't posted pictures of things still on the needles in a while, so here's Bacardi. Don't know what I've done with the colour settings on the camera, it's really much warmer olive colours with peach and coral accents.

It's slow going so far, because the cardigan is knit in one piece up to the armholes. I'm reasonably happy with the progress so far, but starting to freak out about running out of yarn. For some of the colours, the pattern calls for one skein and I have acquired/retrived from stash ONE skein. Some of this stuff is pretty old and I don't think I could get more if I had to. That seems to be the way my knitting goes, either I'm scrambling to have extra skeins shipped from the far corners of the earth, or I have almost enough left over for a second garment. What am I doing wrong?

Tonight is SNB, so if I manage to get out to it, I'll work on the stockingette Chelsea sweater. It's pretty straightforward, so hopefully I'll have enough completed for a WIP photo of it tomorrow.

6 more days...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gimmie an "A"

A blue-s- H N P1010198

Yeah Ashna! And of course, Reach for the Rainbow...three for three!

For the third year now, Gillian has attended Aquatics Day Camp with the help of a one-on-one support worker trained by Reach for the Rainbow. Every year I worry and fret about how a stranger will be able to care for Boo and whether or not Boo will be happy...and each year my worries are proved to be groundless.

Ashna was fabulous. She was very attentive to Gillian's needs (and moods) and did a wonderful job of integrating her into activities with the other campers. Gillian was different, but not differentiated...know what I mean?

Anyway, a great big thanks to Ashna and the rest of the staff at Reach for the Rainbow for making Gillian's summer that much brighter! Good luck at university next week!!

Not much knitting to report lately, I've been pretty busy with Back to School preparations, Gillian's camp and end of summer outings.

I have managed to make a false start or two with Bacardi from No Sheep for You, but I think I have my colour scheme down now. Surprisingly, it's mostly green with a bit of peach/coral for an accent. The knitting isn't that tricky, but most of the cardigan is knit in one piece and it does involve managing 6 colours, so it isn't the most portable project.

To fix that, I'm trying to come up with something to do with a few balls of Lily Chin's Chelsea. I have some denim blue and some charcoal, not enough for a sweater from either, but together they might work for a school pullover for Clare. I'm thinking stripes and stockingette...definitely a no-brainer.

Oh, we had an outing to the local mall this week. Here are Ellery and Clare making their best puppy eyes in the hopes of scoring a baby hedgehog.

They are ridiculously cute (the hedgies and the girls), but no dice.

For anyone else counting...9 more days!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mimi 1993 - 2007 We'll miss you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Meh...

No fault of the pattern, just a perfect example of how the wrong yarn can wreck a great design. I don't know if I'm sufficiently enamored of the style on me to justify a do-over. That said, I did pop it over a white tank top and wear it out to SNB last night.

In other knitting news, I've started a Bacardi Cardigan (from No Sheep for You) utilizing my Super 10 leftovers! Hopefully, this won't turn into another cautionary tale.

E and C are leaving in the morning for a whirlwind tour of Southwestern Ontario, first to visit the grandparents, then to visit my brother and SIL!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I'm getting close to done with the Josephine Top (finally, I just have to pick up and knit the cap sleeves) and have been trying to get something a bit more portable on my needles. It's late enough in the season that I should be working on autumn stuff, but the thought of a lapful of wool is too icky to bear in this heat, so I noodled around with the Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt from Interweave Knits.

Behold a test lace panel and a bit of the body of the shirt. It's OK and I do love the colour of the Patons Grace...but I don't love the way it's coming together. Again, it might be wearable, but not something I would love and to get through that much stockingette with mercerized cotton on teeny needles, you really need to feel the love.

So, frog pond...for the Tux...and I'm still looking for some late summer knitting.

Edited to add a snap of my Super 10 Cotton collection...snappy huh?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Leaf Sweater...at last

This silly thing has been finished forever...except for the seaming. True to summertime rules, I think that I stitched every seam inside out first before catching my errors.

Not sure what I think of it yet...we're in the midst of a heat emergency and I could only stand to wear it long enough to snap a picture, but strangely, it does resemble the pattern photo...

I used double stranded Yarn Art in Summer rather than the Tahki Classic Cotton (simply cuz I'm cheap and it was in my stash), but the matching colour thing was a complete fluke.

Note to self....hire a better stylist.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pathetic ...a Balden Retriever

pa·thet·ic [puh-thet-ik] –adjective
1.causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable: a pathetic letter; a pathetic sight.
2.affecting or moving the feelings.
3.pertaining to or caused by the feelings.
4.miserably or contemptibly inadequate

After a few days of splashing around in lake water and despite careful rinsing afterwards, Haley developed dermatitis. Until the steroids and antibiotics kick in, to help alleviate the itching (and shedding), she was shaved.

She looks sort of like a shorn sheep...no?

I did make it out to SNB last night after Ellery's present opening and cake cutting. (FWIW, High School Musical 1 and 2 themed items and Nintendo DS lite games are popular amongst the 10 year old set)

The air-conditioning had failed at Starbucks on an evening when the outside temperature was in the humid 30's. Our little group took over a good chunk of the patio, but even though it was cooler outside than inside (I hope the barristas got hazard pay for their shift) it was still too hot to knit. So, I stuck to chatting and admiring the other knitters work.

Besides chatting, I did page through this:

Amy Singer's No Sheep for You

I wasn't expecting to like this book much. I'm partial to wool and its blends because 1) I appreciate the shape holding properties that the memory of wool yarn provides to a garment and 2) most plant based alternatives such as cotton, linen and hemp are all pretty hard on my wrists.

That said, the designs are really lovely with something to appeal to everyone. Amy did a wonderful job of setting her favorite designers to work with a selection of both unique and familiar non-wool yarns.

Isn't this cute...it's Bacardi and it's made from one of my old favorites, Super 10 Mercerized Cotton Yarn The other bonus is that I think that I have enough random balls is mermaidy colours to pull this off from stash! Yet another object for the queue!