Friday, July 31, 2009

Bad But Busy Blogger...

This summer has gone by in a blur. Despite a city workers strike which cancelled a two week camp experience for both Ellery and Clare, we managed to keep pretty busy.

Canada Day backyard firework display...

The only thing funny about this photo is that DH is a phone-phobe. To catch him multi-tasking with a phone stuck in his ear...well, it must have been a freakin' important phone call. Like 911 answer this skill-testing question and you've won a million dollars important.

Gilly went to summer school again this year and had a great time! Every morning she would wait at the front door and announce "It's a bus!" happily when the bus arrived!

Camp Yamistaspot

Since Ellery and Clare had some time on their hands, and our basement is in need of serious updating...Camp Yamistaspot was born!

Just a bit of drywall, some painted ceiling tiles and walls and cleaning the floor (which because of the instructive nature of Camp Yamistaspot's paint project, took FAR FAR longer than 10 days...) and we have a basement suitable for a ping pong table! Now I have to convince DH that the traditional gift for 17 years of marriage is a gaming table.

The girls visited the grandparents in Windsor...

On the way back we stopped in to visit the smallest cousin...

and take him a belated birthday present..

This is Rowan Junior's Drew in the 1 - 2 year old size. It's a little jacket knit in Denim and then tossed into the washer to deliberately shrink it. Supposedly, the extra length is calculated into the pattern. I'm too nervous for this type of construction...completing a garment and then rolling the dice as to whether or not it will fit! Not my cup of tea. Thankfully, the jacket did fit and I guess I'm lucky to have learned this lesson about knitting with denim before I tackled that adult-sized Aran.

So, I guess I'm limited to unsized throws, pillows or bags to use up my denim stash??

Oh, here is a little sweater that I made for Clare out of's another Hey Teach and it's made from Red Heart Cotton Twist.

Ellery turned 12 last month. Here she is modeling the world's most awesome messenger bag and a great deal of 'tude.

And after a very unseasonably wet and cool summer, unbearable heat and humidity has finally found us. Even the squirrels can't escape it.

And finally, quite possibly the loveliest sight of the garbage perched for pick up after a 6 week strike!