Monday, February 07, 2005

I HATE Clapotis!!

I was planning to post a picture of a finished, but unblocked Clapotis today. Planning to...

Clapotis had other ideas. I ran out of yarn. I NEVER (ok, very rarely) run out of yarn. Now, the Clapotis pattern is very forgiving to size alterations, simply add or subract vertical or horizontal repeats. There are no shaping issues. However, this presupposes that you figure out that you will have a yarn shortage while you are in the straight body of the garment. I was not. Ripping back 5 hours of knitting is annoying to say the least. It is also a bit of a trick, as you have to pick up any stitches that you dropped in the post straight section decrease section. Grrrr....

So, no finished photos today.

More knitting 12 inch Addi circulars that I ordered from RedBirdKnits were lost in the mail. I must re-order them.

Not a good week for knitting.


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