Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Two finished objects...

Here is a little, ribbed scarf for Clare. It's made out of Jellybean-coloured Lion Brand Boucle. Very simple and quick on 7mm needles and most importantly, it matches Clare's yellow jacket and cabled toque! (It drove me nuts when she wore the magenta scarf with the Big Bird yellow coat!)

Clare took this picture of her scarf:

Oh, and I finished the mystery object!

I have noticed that I have quite a few "stalled" projects cluttering up my home. (In addition to having to jot down the pattern for the completed mystery object.) But, I have a very valid excuse for not finishing each one!

Heart Scarf - 2/3 finished (reason) I need to watch the pattern just closely enough that it isn't great Stitch and Bitch or car knitting, so it is waiting for a good TV/Knitting night.

Clare's Top-Down dress - Done except for the sleeves (reason) I'm waiting for my new, exciting 12 inch circular needle for the sleeves! Woo Hoo!

Clapotis - Ok, I've just cast on for this. I really just need to share a TV/knitting night with the Heart Scarf.

Sleeved Wrap - knitting swatches - I still haven't found a stitch pattern that works with the merino that I have on hand.

Well, maybe having this written down will inspire me to finish something!


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