Thursday, December 30, 2004

A New Project and Cat Pictures!

After my pre-Christmas rush to finish things I found myself without knitting after Boxing Day. This wouldn't have been so dismaying, but I had a long car ride ahead planned for December 27th.

Aside: A friend was picking up a Ragdoll Cat from a farm near the Quebec border and I volunteered to ride shotgun. Heck, for a day away from the kids, I'd have strapped myself to the roofrack. The trip was close to 6 hours each way and even figuring that a good part of it would be too dark to knit, I still had some hours to fill.

I used the two skiens of reclaimed sari silk/wool blend that Sarah had sent to me to try Amy's Flappy Bag ( It's drying pinned to a board and of course the photo didn't turn out, so you'll have to wait for the finished object.

Here is what it is supposed to look like:

I also started a simple pullover for Clare. She really could use a warm pullover for skating. It's based on a very simple Paton's pattern that I bought back in the 80's (yeah, I was around then). It's similar to those tri-colour fishing sweaters in that it is knit mostly in one piece with only some underarm grafting. I hadn't gotten around to knitting the pattern when I bought it, and it seemed like good, simple, TV knitting for after the holidays. I'm using a Paton's yarn, Maya Aran (probably discontinued by now) that has a pretty, multicoloured slub in it. It lends itself to a simple knit.

Here is the pattern

And the particular version I'm working on

And my progress to date

I'm also working on test squares for a "looped object" project, but they hardly qualify as car or TV knitting since I'm trying to keep careful notes of what I'm doing so that I can duplicate it! (no pics yet)

But...I do have pictures from the Cat Farm!

Here is the cat that my friend adopted...Moby

But they certainly did have a lot to choose from.

Tiny Tim seemed to have taken a shine to me...what a cutie!

If I don't get back tomorrow...Happy New Year!


At 12:25 PM, Blogger mary-margaret said...

This makes me want another cute creature in my family.


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