Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Christmas Eve Suprise!

Look what arrived late afternoon Christmas Eve!!

Horrid picture, lovely gift! Lots of presents to unwrap before anyone else in the house!!

And look at what is inside!!!

My photography is characteristically poor, so I'll describe my haul...

A lovely book, containing many fabulous patterns for felted bags (I was wondering where Crafty Snargle found the patterns for her lovely craft fair bags....

Two skiens of a wool/recycled sari blend yarn...perfect for a felted bag!! It's a fabulous colour, deep and earthy with flecks and hints of bright hues!!

A needle holder (similar to the one in Stitch N Bitch) a fun, colourful pattern. Tres useful for storing needles and certainly more elegant than the tupperware I'm using now! (note the attractive alien theme!!)

and these!!

Knitting magnets...

They are adorable...teeny little glass magnets (a bit bigger than Peanut M & Ms) with knitting themes on a teeny little tin with a woman knitting on the cover...fabulous...

I'm desperately searching my abode for a surface that is:

a) metallic and able to hold magnets

b) inaccessible to children! (these are mine darn it, mine!!)

Hmmm...there MIGHT have been some York Peppermint Patties in the box too...but they seemed to have evaporated between the wrapped and unwrapped pictures!

Thank you Sarah, what a fabulous package!!! You truly outdid yourself!!

Oh, and I did snap a photo of Zeus in his new little coat!

Pretty handsome little guy huh?

Well, I'll post more about Christmas later (it didn't include much knitting).


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Snargle Sarah said...

Hooray! It arrived! I hope you like everything - I really enjoyed being your secret pal :).


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