Thursday, May 04, 2006

WIP Rodeo!

Ok, just got back from Disney World (BTW, an absolute blast!) and I have less than three days until I leave for a week of dog-training. In between then I have to complete this month's financial statements for the school council, help out with Ellery's theatrical debut (Narnia at the local church) Friday and Saturday evening and put together a company meal of sorts for tomorrow. Did I mention typing out detailed "child-minding" destructions for the hubby?

So, what am I doing now? Anything constructive? Not on your life...

I'm fretting about WIPS! (and mucking about with the colours on my blog)

I'm hoping for a bit of downtime in the evenings next week, so I'm packing up my WIPS for the trip!

Here's a re-cap of what is on the needles!

Gillian's Hoodie...still...maybe two-thirds complete, but frankly with a tight knit on small needles, I can only manage this in tiny doses!

Adirondack Sweater - Finished to the point of picking up the sleeves. The size of this project now makes it highly unportable for short bursts of knitting on the go.

Clare's Molly Sweater - I picked up some white Mission Cotton at Knitomatic last week and I promised Clare that I'd make her a sweater just like Ellery's sweater. (Except white and cotton...her specs, not mine) And I know, I lose points for buying more yarn, but I had absolutely NO white yarn in my stash and colour was non-negotiable with Clare.

Laptop Cozy - Never thought I'd be knitting one of these, but I really do need it. We recently replaced our 100 year old laptop and the new one is larger but flatter than the old one. The carrying bag still works, but the inner, padded sleeve (which secures the laptop inside the bag and prevents in from sliding around) is too small for the new computer. So, I'm knitting/felting a quickie to do the job. I do have stash for this...teal coloured Cascade 220 that is exactly the same shade as the cute!

Anyway, I will update my sidebar to include a WIP section, maybe that will shame me into completing more objects.

Oh, and here is a gratuitous Disney pic! Clare and Ellery with Pluto!


At 9:32 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

You have a teal laptop? Jealous!


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