Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Quick Salute to Michigan J. Frog...

Cuz I'm thinking a lot about frogs lately. Why....

Cuz I'm frogging pretty much everything I touch! Things are busying up with NSD fundraisers, costumes for kids plays, the local Fun Fair, our upcoming trip to DisneyWorld (necessitating passports etc.) and I'm taking it all out on my knitting.

I ripped back half of the Hobo Bag and about 3 inches of the Adirondack Sweater. (I missed a row of broken rib on the Adirondack Sweater and it just couldn't be fixed with a crochet me, I tried)

Dontcha just love getting knitting stuff in the mail? Lookie what arrived today!

Thanks so much to Carol of Infiknits! ...see her March 14th entry!(and to Mrs. Signorelli, my highschool English teacher for making more of an impression upon me than I realized at the time!)

Well, I'm off to fetch Gillian from therapy and start baking. It's DH's birthday today, the 16th anniversary of his 29th birthday, and I'm baking cherry/peach pie. I also have to whip out some Scottish Shortbread for Gillian to take to school tomorrow. It's "International Snack Day" and it's the only thing palatable to 6 year olds that I could dredge from Scottish cuisine. I considered defaulting to my French-Canadian heritage, but poutine doesn't travel well on a school bus.

Ta for now...


At 4:37 PM, Blogger Ruinwen said...

I can honestly say I miss Michigan J. Frog. Have you seen what has happened to WB since they abandoned him?

It makes me very sad. :(



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