Monday, March 06, 2006

Your Patience Is Appreciated...

I'm switching my picture hosting page from: to

Works out a bit cheaper and it will be easier not to have to explain the hyphen thing to people trying to remember my URL on the fly.

Anyway, many of the photos on this blog, certainly the older ones are hosted on the old site and it is a very tedious business to change all of the references to the new address. I think I fixed the opening page references. I will be picking backwards through the archive in my spare moments, so if you get those annoying little red Xs instead of pictures, please be patient.

In knitting news, I popped by Knitomatic over the weekend and picked up stuff for a nifty handbag. (pictures to follow, I've barely read through the directions yet!)

I mentioned my swatching woes to Haley and she plunged her hand into an enormous basket of yarn and pulled out a skein of something VERY turquoise. Not quite what DH was imagining for a sweater, as he feels that the 16 colour box of Crayolas is immodestly proportioned.

It was a ball of Philosopher's Two Ply Wool that Haley had been planning to swatch for herself and just never got around to it. Haley's theory was that it was coarser and probably closer in texture to some of the original Starmore yarns. Anyway, I've been swatching with it and it does seem closer to gauge than anything I've found so far.

BTW, Ellery got a real kick out of Knitomatic's new mascot, Pluto! Pluto is a too cute bird who lives on Haley's shoulder at Knitomatic!

My knitting class continued today, interrupted only by a distressed cellphone call from Gillian's school, informing me that my once healthy pup was no longer well. Quick wind up to the "casting off" talk, and I zoomed off to retrieve Boo. It's ok, I'm getting used to this.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

Are you bringing the handbag stuff tomorrow to show us?

Bummer about Gillian being sick! You must just be so ready for summer!

At 8:10 PM, Anonymous kath said...

sorry to hear about your sickie kids. wow, i can't believe they are still sick. did u get the look from the staff like your nutts. it happens all the time.

yeah am interested in the handbag. i am still not sure about gauging myself. i seem to use a size bigger than it calls for.



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