Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Bad....

I feel like I scarfed down a Hot Fudge Brownie Delight after a whole week of careful dieting...
But it's Angela's fault, not mine.

Angela, of our local SNB, worked at a local yarn store before it shut its doors about a year and half ago. She remains in contact with the owner and offered out of the goodness of her own heart to help liquidate those pesky last tidbits of stock. Yarn stock..needle get the idea. So, Angela rented a stall at the local flea market, sent out an email by way of an invite and voila, an end to the yarn diet.

Apologies to Angela for unleashing the world's chattiest, touch-everything-in-the-stall girls on her this morning!

Spring must be in the air, cuz I went a bit cotton crazy. Lovely mercerized cotton, perfect for summer tanks for the girls (and maybe me)

Ellery decide that this was Macaw colour. It's hers now.

Sophisticated shades of taupe, cream, brown and blue...this must be for moi!

And citrus...definitely Miss Clarebear

I haven't figured out what to do with either of these merinos, but they are soft like kittens and luscious blue-based shades...

Oh, and can't forget a few needles...these are pretty small, but I'm fixated on socks right now.

So, it really doesn't count as an indulgence if it is liquidation-priced, right?


At 5:36 AM, Blogger Ruinwen said...

Lots of pretty yarn. See the way I look at it is as long as you use the yarn *eventually* then you haven't really gone off your diet. A knitter needs yarn like a dieter still needs to eat right? :)


At 7:14 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

Ah, you bit! What's the stock like? Good prices? I wanted to go but what spare cash I've got we've earmarked for a little surprise. I should tell Natalie to's too far a drive for me but she might be interested. are the Olympic socks coming along? I remember I was going to send you a link to a page that had good sock info and then I completely forgot until this very moment. I'm going to go find the link now. (Sorry!)

I like this page because it tells you how to turn the heel with any number of stitches in your circumference. It's from DIY network.

I no longer need a pattern to knit socks, and I can do it the heel flap way or short row toe and heel. Next SNB I can show you how to short row, if you like. It took me some trial and error to figure out how to hide the wraps properly, particularly since in a toe and heel you are knitting 2 wraps.

What pattern did you choose for your socks, by the way? Plain or fancy lace?


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