Friday, February 03, 2006

UFO Roundup!

I haven't posted any pictures of UFO's lately and there are a few of them.

Here is the freeform vest that I attempted. The yarn is much coarser than I realized when I purchased it, and soaking it in Eucalan didn't soften it as much as I had hoped. Oh well, I knitted it to wear around the house over long sleeved shirts, so hopefully the scratchiness will be tolerable. I knitted a small test square of the Classic Elite Mackenzie yarn and strangely enough, it doesn't NOT felt at all.

Because the last Finished Object I made was for Ellery, Clare has demanded that I knit something for her. She selected this purse from Debbie Bliss' Junior Knits. It's pretty much a moss stitch rectangle with a slit for a handle and 3 knitted flower embellishments, so I'm not following the pattern that closely...LOL. I figure that I'll knit a stockingette stitch lining for it and sandwich some plastic canvas in between for some sturdiness!

And this is the beginnings of a sleeveless hoodie for Gillian. I've had the mango coloured Pinguoin wool/acrylic blend around FOREVER. I attempted to double strand it for a second "top-down" sweater like Clare's last year and wasn't happy with the results. I'm hoping that it will hold up to the laundering that Gillian's garments demand.

It's a bit of a cheat too. I haven't used teeny needles in a long time and while these are 3.0mm (not the 2.5mm I will use for the socks) I can sneak in a bit of practice before attempting the Olympic socks!

No photos, cuz it's just not that photogenic, but I am just starting to wind the 100gr balls of feltable yarn into 25gr balls. (In the hopes of more fairly allocating the "really cool colours" during Monday's knitting class)

In non-knitting news, Ellery was home sick from school for a couple days this week and Gilly is acting "testy" tonight (usually a sign of impending illness), so it could be a close to home weekend. Not a bad thing IMHO!


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