Monday, January 23, 2006

Knitting Class - Week 2!

In the midst of all the election hullaballoo...isn't it refreshing to do something that really matters...teaching a new generation to knit!

Once again, I showed up at my daughter's grade school to show a group of Grade 3 and 4 students how to do the garter stitch. After the flurry of not-always-productive activity last week, my initial enthusiasm was tempered today.

But, it wasn't awful at all!! Just about everyone had remembered to bring their knitting supplies today, so set-up was much easier than the first week, and it appears that mums, grandmas and classmates have stepped up to continue the tutoring at home! Either that, or some of these kids are just SERIOUS quick learners!

As promised, a few photos of the kids in action. Ignore the disguises, these kids aren't all part of the witness protection program, I just didn't want to post any child's picture without parental consent!

I promised Miss D, next week, we learn how to CAST OFF!!!

You can't really appreciate it in the small photo, but Miss A's tension is very, VERY even. Lovely work!

Oh and a special note for Maggie, would you believe that Miss B's MACEDONIAN grandmother helped her at home this week!

Maggie, of Click-Clack and more importantly, the local Stitchsky and Bitchsky, has an unusual tensioning technique involving her neck. She swears that it's all the rage in Macedonia.) Not pictured, Mrs. M, my youngest daughter's teacher who is also of Macedonian extraction and who practices "neck tensioning" as well. See Maggie, and I thought that you just made that stuff up!

Things are going along swimmingly and a good two thirds of the class has the garter stitch thing down pat. I think next week I'll bring the felted bag makings to the lesson and see if we get any bites. Once again, I should knit up some samples in my spare time. Maybe I'll do that as I watch the election results tonight....


At 4:23 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

We are legion, and soon we shall swarm the earth! My Baba (grandma in Macedonian) and mom taught me to knit the neck-tensioning way but if truth be known, regular continental knitting caught on at one point and the old way with the yarn around the neck was sneered at as archaic and grandmotherly. Macedonian ladies want nothing more than to be considered modern, don't you know. I think it's a crock...deciding that one way is old fashioned and that another is hip. It's knitting!

I'm so excited that those kids are loving it and having a great time. Awesome.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Wannietta said...

You GO Miss D!!!

Sounds like you're doing an awesome job making knitting fun & individual.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Lizzie said...

Great pictures!

Thanks for the advice about the book. I actually work at my college's library, so I felt like a real idiot when Rhelynn mentioned interlibrary loan. I placed my request for it through that system, so hopefully I'll be getting a copy in the mail soon and then I can decide whether or not to buy it I guess. It's just so inexpensive it's hard to resist not going to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to buy it.

Thanks again for the advice, I'll try to keep my expectations at the "you get what you pay for" level, haha.

Have a great day!!


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