Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Not Much Knitting Over Christmas!

But I did get a couple knitting-related gifts!

Look at this! A luscious, soon-to-be Vegan Fox as featured in Knitty

Thanks Haley! Merry Christmukkah to you to! (Check out Haley's Post-Christmukkah sales at Knitomatic!)

One ball of Rowan's Kid Silk Haze for less than $12 would make a decadent Branching Out Scarf (Knitty again!) There's a splurge that wouldn't dent my New Year's Yarn Diet Resolution!!

I also picked up a little birthday gift for myself (hey, my birthday is the week before Christmas and it's always a pain for others to shop for me...)

This is a really handy book of finishing techniques. Plus, I figure that buying the book is less expensive than the accumulation of all of the late charges I've incurred borrowing it from the library!

It isn't really knitting, but I did manage to put a lining in a little Noro Blossom Bag that I knit a while ago. It was up on the "Guardian for Gillian" site and I just mailed it off to its new owner! Thanks P for your gracious support! National Service Dogs thanks you too!

I did finish sewing the little bathrobe together and I'm just crocheting the trim for the edges. I'll remember to snap a picture before popping it in the mail!

Oh, and since I haven't posted kid pics in a little while, here is Ellery's school photo from Grade 3!


At 10:20 PM, Anonymous kath said...

i love the purse. can u share the pattern? is it felted? i just finished a felted purse. it's in the wash as we speak. keepin my fingers crossed that it turns out.

pic is lovely!


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