Monday, November 28, 2005

Recognize this?

It's the ice cream cozy from KnitWit

I had a bit of Cascade Fixation in my stash and Cari (my houseguest) is a Ben & Jerry's afficianda, like me, so it seemed like an appropriate little gift. I must say that this particular shade/ball of Cascade Fixation has pooled quite unattractively. I'd have been very disappointed if I'd bothered to make something more time-consuming, like socks, out of this stuff. Despite it's unfortunate colouration, it is very functional as an ice cream cozy!

Not too much other knitting, cuz I've been out quite a bit with my guests.

I did manage to work my way back to the Pre-Whoops stage with Cinxia. (growl) I'm a bit concerned about the front edges and their tendency to roll. I'm hoping that a bit of blocking will fix things. If it doesn't, I may experiment with some "pick up and knit" edges for the front.

And just because they are so cute, here is a picture of Gillian with my friend's dog, Mimi. Gilly likes Mimi, but for some reason yesterday she was unusually enchanted with the dog and insisted on having custody of her at all times! I'm hoping that Gilly will become attached to her service dog this easily!


At 9:38 AM, Blogger Lizzie said...

I really like the cozy!! The way you photographed it makes the gray spots look like clouds. I like it!


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