Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A finished object...seems like a while

It's the little baby sweater. The pencil looks a bit silly there, but without something for scale, you really can't appreciate that it is smaller than a typical baby sweater.

I'm still working away on Cinxia and have completed most of the first sleeve. The border pattern is very slow going. I do have a couple things that I would like to complete before Christmas this year, so I may be forced to put Cinxia aside till after the holidays. Funny to be thinking about Christmas being on top of us, when Halloween is still almost a week away!

On an unrelated note, I took Gillian to school after her dental appointment (no cavities and the dentist said that her little mouth was pristine!!) and had a moment to chat with the EA. As she took Gilly's lunch bag (more like a small suitcase) from me Mrs. M remarked "You must spend a lot of time making lunch in the morning Mrs. G...Gillian always has such a nice lunch, with cut up fruits and veggies, pita pizza and homemade cookies"

Alright! Assuming that Gillian is a representive sample of my offspring, my kids have clean mouths and nice lunches!! Woo Hoo! Two nuggets of positive parenting reinforcement in the same day...I'm giddy...


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Ruinwen said...

Such a beautiful and delicate sweater! You really did a wonderful job!



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