Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bits and Pieces...

Cuz that's what I'm working on now.

BTW...I tried to post pictures, but Blogger isn't up to the task right now. I'll try again later today.

The pieces are completed for Ellery's raglan zippered cardigan, but I need a clear head and good light to attempt seaming them together. The boucle makes a nice, thick fabric, but it's like sewing a muppet together...forget mattress seams!

So, in the meantime, I'm...

Working on a replacement cell-phone holder for moi. (The old one had an unfortunate encounter with a child's ice cream cone and since I was never that fond of it in the first place, it seemed like a good excuse to replace it. This one is made out of a scrap ball of Lang Cabana, a vicose, cotton, nylon and linen blend that is surprisingly soft to the touch. The colour is grey-beige with small flecks of dull teal. Note the children's glue bottle as a stand-in for the phone during the stitching process!

I'm also swatching some Lion Brand Micro-Spun (black) and Cascade Fixation for a hat. A friend's little boy has alopecia and he recently started kindergarten. He is being teased quite a bit about his lack of hair and so I'm trying to come up with an acceptable hat. It has to be quite soft, as his head is bare and yet not be too warm as the hat is to be worn indoors as well as out. Washability is another desirable quality in a hat for a 5 year old boy.

So far, I'm thinking about a close-fitting cap, sort of like those favoured by skateboarders. I think that Micro-Spun in a 1X1 or 2X2 rib or stockingette Fixation should hug the head snuggly enough. BTW, don't worry, I'll replace the Fixation swatch with a more masculine colour for the real hat!

Hey, parents/caregivers of 5 year old boys, suggestions for kid-cool styles and colours would be appreciated! I'm asking my daughters' friends, but I'm just getting a lot of shrugs and "whatevers".

Finally, I'm swatching Cinxia from the current Knitty. Again, you can't see much detail from the photo, but I've swatched stockingette and the twisted stitch pattern in two sizes of needles.

So, lots of little stuff and new starts...maybe some finished objects by the end of the week. Ta for now!


At 1:10 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

Ooh, I-cord, your favourite! ;) Finished already. I started the back of the green cardigan I was knitting on Tuesday. Oh my god. Cardigan Cardigan backs...molassess. Especially at 158 sts. :(


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