Monday, August 29, 2005

Remember this?

The hat didn't fit the was part of a set of mittens, scarf and hat and she was hoping that it could be "fixed".

I took very careful (well, careful for me) measurements and counted stitches before I unravelled the whole thing...

and re-knit it on 12.5mm dpns...(saved the seaming allowance and looks a bit neater to boot!)

Voila, not perfect, but I was a bit limited by my materials. After unravelling the hat, the yarn was pretty fuzzy and "shreddy". It didn't like to be handled much!

The only thing left is finishing. In this case, I had so little yarn leftover that there isn't even enough to weave in, so I'm going to use a similar coloured thread and darn in the ends.

Anyway, the good news is that it fits Jonelle and she can wear it with the scarf and mittens this winter.


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