Friday, July 29, 2005

Wish me luck...

Lots of this over the next couple days.

Once again, I am committed to finishing a project in an unreasonable amount of time. This time it's Debbie Bliss' Moss Stitch and Cable jacket (largest size) from Baby Knits. I started it exactly one week before the "welcome home" party for the recipient.

It's partly my fault. I wasted easily the better part of a week swatching everything under the sun trying to select an appropriate article for a toddler/little boy. So, now I have barely enough time to finish the sweater for Monday.

Since I'm grouchy about the sweater already, let me repeat a little rant about pattern books, particularly those by Debbie Bliss.

(rant begins)
I know from bitter experience that you should ALWAYS check the pattern errata sheets on line before beginning any complex (or even just time-sensitive project), but geez I don't think I've made one of her patterns yet that hasn't had a correction made to it post-publication. The Baby Knits book has multiple printings with DIFFERENT ERRORS in each version.

What bothers me most is that the bulk of these errors are pretty straight forward, like not having the same number of stitches on each row of a written pattern (assuming no increases or decreases) or omitting pocket finishing instructions. That is, the errors don't require a great level of technical expertise to detect. I would be a lot more tolerant of the occasional whoops in free, online publication like Knitty, but these are fairly prices books with multiple printings. They can afford proof-readers!
(rant over)

Oh, one of the reasons that I will be racing to complete the sweater with two full days ahead of me is that my oldest daughter's birthday is Sunday and we are having Family Party. (Family party is distinct from Kids party, which cannot be held on the long weekend because no one would attend!)

So, eight years ago Sunday, I became a mom....Happy Birthday Ellery!

Obviously, not a recent picture of Miss E. But wasn't she a cutie?


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