Monday, June 13, 2005

35.75 miles...or 57.5 kilometers for you metric folks

That's how much yarn is in my stash, described linearly.

To help you visualize that, I could use my ball winder and wind up my entire stash into a ball of yarn that could be stretched between Toronto and Burlington (more or less)

It goes without saying that the yarn diet is failing miserably.

Thanks to boogaj for encouraging this train of thought!

On the other hand, the yarn stash sounds entirely managable when you consider that one teeny, tiny, practically inconsequential lead pencil can write a line 35 miles long. I mean, how much space can a lead pencil's worth of yarn occupy?

On a happy note, my SIL had a little boy on Thursday! I love knitting for babies, but with 3 girls, I haven't had much chance to make things for little boys. Any thoughts for cute, practical little boy knits are appreciated.


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