Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Knitted Cloche

Is that what you call this kind of hat? It's Aura from the Rowan Calmer Collection, knitted in Cascade Fixation. It's intended as an adult's hat (knit for my fabulous babysitter, Zelda), but modelled by Clare, who is almost 6, so it is a bit large.

I deviated from the pattern slightly by knitting the hat on my 12 inch circulars, mostly to avoid having to make a seam on a lacy hat.

I'm going to make some for the girls and possibly give a couple to our junior school fundraiser for the craft table. I think I should be able to scale it down for kids by sneaking about 15 stitches out of the cast on (currently 90 stitches) and shortening the hat from 6 inches pre decrease rounds to 5 inches pre decrease rounds.

With luck, this will allow me to squeak two hats out of a single ball of Fixation. The adult size will yield three hats from two balls.

My Alphabet Blanket continues in the oatmeal coloured merino. I still am frogging at least one row for every 5 that I knit!


At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you please give me the the pattern for the knitted cloche you show on your is just what my granddaughter is looking Thanks

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Chelle said...

Hi Betty,

The pattern is from the Rowan Calmer pattern book and is available at yarnstores and some libraries. I picked up my copy used from Ebay. Sorry, I can't share patterns with copywrite protection.



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