Monday, March 07, 2005

A bit of knitting

Ok, everyone is back at school today, (touch wood). Health-wise, I'm hoping that the worst is behind us, although Clare is acting a bit cranky, which is usually a sure sign that she isn't 100% well.

I did manage to finish Clare's top-down sweater-dress, using my new 12" circular needles.

With any luck I will be able to convince her to wear it!

I've started my SIL's baby blanket. I'm using some Sirdar Country Style yarn in turquoise, which has a small twist of lavender in it. The yarn has an interesting texture to it and it is machine washable, so I think it will be suitable. I'm making the Vogue Knitting on the Go, Baby Blankets 2 "Shell Stitch" blanket. (Although, like many baby blankets I've knit, this pattern consists of a few rows of garter stitch surrounding a more interesting, novelty stitch, all worked in the same colour. A quick thumbing through the stitch library in Vogue Knitting probably would have been just as simple!)

Here is the start of the blanket...

And an attempt at a closeup of the shell pattern

The colour reproduction is terrible, the turquoise is really quite a bit more subtle and the lavender thread adds a sort of "mermaidy" quality to the shell pattern. Yes, I know that I have stitch markers on the needles, but I was knitting in a dark movie theatre yesterday and it was the only way to prevent whoopses.

I do knit in movie theatres, but usually only when I'm seeing kid's movies. Yesterday, Clare and I saw "Daniel and the Superdogs". (Daniel and the Superdogs is an independent Canadian film.) Clare is almost 6 years old. She is truly dog-crazy and especially adores the Superdogs, but even that couldn't hold her attention throughout the almost two hour film. The film was awkward in that it had a lot of dialog relative to the amount of action, which made it tedious for younger children, but the plot and dialog weren't sufficiently substantial for older kids or adults. Not truly painful to watch, but close. I'm glad that I brought my knitting.


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