Friday, February 18, 2005

Fizz, Fuzz, Fluff

Fun fur scarves...

We're having little girls over this weekend, so I made party favours. I've decided that I dislike fuzzy, furry, fluffy yarns like this.

I've finished one sleeve on Clare's top-down sweater with the 12 inch circular needle. It isn't the most comfortable thing to knit with, but I think that it is less cumbersome than using dpns and I don't have to worry about moving my stitches around to prevent those slight irregularities that can occur between the dpn needles. So, a cautious thumbs-up for 12 inch circular Addis!

Next projects...

Another scarf...for a child. Ellery, my oldest lost the last scarf that I made for her, so back to the needles I go. I think that I will try to whip something up quickly with the Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick that was leftover from the muff. It will knit up quickly, can be machine washed (a big plus for anything that goes outside at recess) and it's inexpensive enough that I won't cry if it doesn't find its way home this winter.

A baby blanket...My SIL is expecting and the baby's gender will be a surprise. I think that a nice baby blanket would be a good, safe first knitted gift. I've been perusing Vogue Knitting Baby Blankets 1 and 2 and I'm not sure what to do.

I'm torn between doing something in a lovely wool with intricate designs (a nice, if not heirloom-quality blanket) or to be more practical and create something a bit less fancy that can go in a pram or be gnawed on with abandon. Personally, I always preferred the functional variety when my pups were babies, but would really like this gift to SIL to be special. Any thoughts?


At 8:33 PM, Blogger Sue said...

sorry to hear you're sick. but i can't wait till you return to your blog. Just a quick suggestion for knitted blanket - Joelle Hoverson's Knitted Gifts has a Rowan Wool/Cotton (I Think) blanket which is super sweet - plain and simple garter stitch squares knitted together. It's a project for many to do but I think one person could do it just as well... just a thought.

At 11:27 PM, Anonymous sue baldwin said...

I am looking for a 4MM 12 inch circular needle, can't be found in Ottawa, do you have a store in Toronto that has one, pls advise, I am on a mission for large men's heavy weight socks with one circular needle


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