Thursday, April 07, 2005

Knitting Find of the Week!

Look at the surprise hit of the most recent Scarborough Stitch N Bitch...

What is it? It's a jewellery making toggle. The circular half is also an excellent, inexpensive and virtually indestructable stitch marker.

For anyone interested, it's a "Create-A-Craft" Jewellery toggle and a package of 16 is available at Walmart (and other craft stores) for about $2!

The BBBB (Big Bad Baby Blanket) has just fallen off the needles and I will snap a picture before I block it!

My next venture (also to be photographed later today) is Aura, a Rowan Calmer knitted cap that I'm making out of Cascade Fixation to give it a bit of spring! I'm also translating the pattern to be knit on my 12" Addi circulars. (I dislike seams on hats, particularly lacy caps)


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