Monday, March 14, 2005

Note to self: Do not read this blog.

Ok, you could probably see it coming. After whinging about the fact that so many baby blanket patterns are just garter stitch borders with a fancy stitch in the middle, I examined my work-in-progress more closely.

The shell stitch is nice on the right side, but not that attractive on the reverse. This bothers me. Now, I knew that the stitch wasn't reversible before I started the blanket, but this fact became unacceptably obvious after a few pattern repeats. (As an aside, I also think that the shell pattern would be a bit prettier if the shells were arranged in staggered rows rather than straight columns, but changing that also necessitates starting again.

Anyhoo, I knit a small sample of stitches, reversible and one-sided (brambles, clusters, stars, chevrons and such) and decided that despite the reversibility issue, I was most fond of a chevron lace pattern. I restarted the blanket.

Unfortunately, my love for chevron was not returned and I made a silly mistake and took an even sillier length of knitting time to discover the whoops, so I don't have too much to show for my labours.

Here is what survived the frogfest last night...


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