Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yums and Yucks...

At least that is what they call my first grader's circle time sharing of good and bad things that have happened during the week!

Yuck - Sick pup! Gillian has some mystery ailment. She has sneezed and coughed a bit over the last few days, but last night she had a complete meltdown. For several hours she raced through the house screaming and throwing herself on the floor, crying and kicking. She was also whimpering and clutching her head. My worst fear is that Gilly has inherited my husband's severe migraines, which he recalls starting at 6 or 7 years of age. The thought of a non-verbal child suffering from migraines is a bit more than I can cope with right now, so I'm clinging to the more palatable options of sinus or ear infections. We're headed to the Ped. this afternoon for a more objective diagnosis.

Yuck - I whoopsed Cinxia. Somewhere during the first decrease row, I suffered a lapse of attention and ...whoops! I don't even want to admit how many rows I had to frog back once I noticed. (maybe 15?) Serves me right for not checking row counts after every decrease row. Bad Dobby, bad Dobby... (Ellery made me put the Harry Potter reference in here, she is way psyched about going to the movie this weekend!)

Yum - Friends from California are visiting us on Thursday! Cari and Boyd have a daughter "in between" Ellery and the twins, so it will be a lot of noisy, squeally fun for kids and a lot of gabbing and maybe a cocktail or two for the mums!

Yum - Look what came in the mail!
My free ball of Bernat Disco! Mine is "Mr. Brown" colour, which is a rather nice coppery brown. (Might do well to mix with some other yarns to make a Vegan Fox!)


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

Crap! Sorry to hear it about Cinxia. Sucks. I reknit a whole sleeve and half of a back just a couple of weeks ago...still fresh in my mind.

Fingers crossed that Gilly's just got temporary troubles, poor thing. Talk smooshy to her. ;)

Thanks again for bringing the icorder...I was looking at the cord today and you took hours and hours off my finishing time!


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