Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snapping My Stash

Ok, so I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna flash my stash for all to see. I'm resigned to the humiliation. In fact, I welcome it. Perhaps a bottoming out is the way to recovery.

That said, I'm struggling with the mechanics of displaying and photographing my stash. As evidenced by the blog, photography isn't my long suit. Neither is an artistic eye , so luscious piles of Easter Egg hued mohair, piled upon a white wicker patio table supporting a few casual tossed tulips or jonquils isn't happening either.

No, I'm a "break the back on it" "get in, get done, get out" kinda broad and my stash photographs should reflect this sensibility.

Given the constraints of my house (lousy natural light, low ceilings etc.) the only way to display my stash in one big group shot was to cascade it down the stairs. Well, pile it up on the stairs at least.

Let me say that I have a new found respect for stylists and photographer's assistants. This project took the better part of the morning and had me dangling over the staircase in ways that would have resulted in a grounding for any of my children caught doing the same.

The end result, well, you'll have to check back on April 1st.

In the meantime, progress continues slowly on the Hobo Bag.

I did cast on the Adirondack Sweater for DH this weekend. After spending an entire evening thinking that I couldn't count to 77 and subrtact 33 correctly, I remembered that Elizabeth had sent out a corrected version of Adirondack a couple weeks ago. Of course, I was making the initial error. One of these days, I will remember to check pattern errata BEFORE casting on a project.

As an aside, all the pups are at school today and I have not yet received any calls to retrieve sick children yet! Woo Hoo! Unfortunately, DH is under the weather now...


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