Monday, November 20, 2006

Poor Boo Bear...

Didn't have the nerve to post a photo of the actual offending object (which the dentist thoughtfully returned to me so that the toothfairy could steal it), but that is pretty much what Gillian's tooth looked like.

Gillian is orally defensive and really dislikes trips to the dentist. We have a fabulously compassionate pediatric dentist with a super-cool, kid-friendly waiting room that rivals DisneyWorld, but our semi-annual check-ups always wind up with me on my back in the exam chair clawing Gillian to my chest like a Fiddler crab clutching its prey. I manage for the duration of a peek, prod, clean and flouride swab, but both the dentist and I figured that I'd never last for an extraction. Although she did assuage my fears that I'd faint during the procedure. Apparently, fainting is quite difficult to manage from a prone position. whodda thunk?

Dr. D suggested that sedation was the most merciful option for both Gilly and I, although she did stop short of suggesting that she medicate both of us. Anyway, today was the big day. Gilly was put to sleep and her "too far-gone to save" tooth was pulled. She had some minor fillings done at the same time.


Good news - No more trips to the dentist for a little while at least! Gillian wasn't sick after the anesthetic. I did manage to log some knitting time in the waiting room.

Bad news - Gilly is a bit bruised and sore from the procedure. I was a bit nervous (characteristic understatement) so I couldn't work on seaming my cardigan, which requires bright light and focussed concentration. Neither could I work on my sock, since I must remove my footwear and try it on a regular intervals to get the toe right...and I was enough of a sniveling spectacle in the dentist's office already.

so, no new finished objects to report...but I get to play toothfairy one more time!


At 11:47 AM, Blogger kimbelina said...

Poor Gillian. Glad no further trips to the dentist are in the near future for her. I hate going to the dentist -- I felt queasy just reading your post.


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