Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pinch Me...I Must Be Dreaming....A Finished Object

And a keeper at that!

Clare's Orange Twist Sweater...by Marie Grace Smith

It fits perfectly. I wish I had a better camera, or was a better photographer so that you could appreciate the detail, but it really did finish up beautifully. Now that I have figured out the seaming thing and the circular thing, I just might knit it up again in Ellery's size. (remember, I had 25 balls of the light turquoise merino!)

Oh yeah, requisite apologies...

Ignore the background. That is the still unpainted front hallway of our house. Yes, the flooring was done months ago, but the walls are covered with a wallpaper residue that is resistant to all known wallpaper adhesive solvents, except those which also dissolve the base drywall. It's a great excuse to procrastinate a big, ugly job. Our official story is that we are replacing windows on the ground floor and will have to repaint all of the downstairs trim, so we might as well do it all in one shot.

Back to knitting...

Flush with my success at seaming the Orange Twist sweater, I just might attempt the Silkroad Aran sweater for me. The only thing standing between me and a second finished object are seven (yup 7) pairs of kids pants which requiring hemming (hey, if you keep feeding them, they keep growing) and the financial report that I need to bash out prior to tomorrow's school council meeting.


At 12:14 AM, Anonymous aija said...

Awesome sweater!


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