Friday, September 08, 2006

When the Going Gets Tough...the Tough Buy Shoes

Ok, maybe I just made that up...but it's been a hectic week around here...New School Year, trying to settle into a new routine, get all the pencils, books and backpacks purchased, labelled and sent to class, a busted HVAC unit on top of it. You can hardly blame me for knocking off for a morning with Haley.

We hit a distant shopping mall, mostly because it's noisy and novel and good practice for Haley in jacket. I didn't need anything, nor particularly want anything, but these caught my eye.

Pretty homely huh? But they are green, so I was immediately attracted to them. And after walking long distances all summer in $3 Keds knockoffs from WalMart, they looked ridiculously comfy. They are. My feet are in love.

Oh and because of the seductive marketing of the "buy one, get half off the next pair" sale, these followed me home too...

Equally homely, equally comfy, equally green...not much more to add except that they are the EXACT same colour as the summer capris I'm wearing today. (Yeah, it's hot here again...and the a/c is completely dead, but that's another whine for another post)

Knitting is far less eventful. I've knit 10 more inches on the Silkroad Cardigan collar and am still 11 inches from finishing. I've completed the body up to the armhole on Ellery's back to school pullover and now I have to start counting rows (ick) and I've not had the courage to peek at the remains of Orangina since last week's enterrement.

Well, gonna take my fancy-@ss shoes out for a walk...have a great weekend!


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