Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Big Girl Knits!

Lookie what I found at the library!

Sure, technically I'm not really a Big Girl, but I am a Big-Boned Girl and some of the patterns in Amy Singer and Jillian Moreno's book start at a finished bust measurement of 40". That wouldn't take much tweaking to fit!

I love the cover sweater and the Sandy Cardigan. Isn't Sandy a great use for Noro? I love Noro, but between the scratchiness of Kureyon against my skin (sorry are fetching)
and its tendency to advertise my width with multi-hued horizontal lines (sorry Rosedale)
I haven't found a Noro pattern that thrills me. Sandy is a definite possibility.

As far as current projects go, I've completed the front half of the Striped Tank (sorry no photos, forgot to recharge the battery) It's a good choice for knitting right now. It's so hot and sticky that the thought of anything heavy or wooly on my needles right now is tres unappealing. My Silkroad Cardigan WIP sits waiting for cooler weather!


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