Friday, July 14, 2006

Clare's Bolero

Finished at last. Ignore the grimy child, she received her yellow belt after an intensive week of martial arts study and celebrated with pizza! As you can see, I made the sweater one size larger than Clare would normally wear. Ellery's was made to fit and she will get barely one season's wear out of it. While that isn't a problem when you knit for the oldest/biggest kid, it's a tragedy when knitting for Clare, the teeniest one!

So, now I'm down to picking away at one of Alexandra Virgiel's variations on Soleil I'm a bit concerned. I'm using the same sort of yarn and I'm already having a terrible curling problem around the lower edge. Not too sure this will block out...sources on-line suggest that this is a problem with the pattern and mercerized cotton.

Preparing to be disappointed with the camisole, (and cognizant of the fact that knitting all this cotton is taking a toll on my tendons) I'm contemplating fall projects. Here are a couple contenders...please let me know your thoughts...

The Pinwheel Sweater is a free pattern from Elann.

Of course, mine wouldn't look anything like this. I've got a ton of earth-toned boucle on hand that comes pretty close to gauge when knit double stranded. I figure with a bit of judicious (ok, haphazard) over-dying of one or two of the colours and using the AA - AB - BB - BC method of changing colours when knitting with a double strand, I could some up with a reasonable colour combination. Being boucle, it knits to a fairly firm fabric and the detail of the pinwheel is lost, but it just might work anyway.

The Silkroad Aran Cardigan is from Interweave Knits. I have some Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed in the discontinued bright green to use as the main colour, but no ideas about what would work for the collar. Fortunately, the collar is knit after the fact and only requires a small quantity of yarn, so I could wait until I have a near finished back before hitting the yarnstores in search of dk weight coordinating yarns!

So...what do you think? Any preferences?


At 11:26 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

Funny, I just cast on for a Soleil-ish tank...only I'm changing everything about it except for the bottom trim. I'm finding it's rolling up as well, I thought I might try to weigh it down somehow if it doesn't come out in the blocking. I'm making mine out of Cotton Fleece (80/20 cotton/merino) and I'm hoping that the 20% wool in there will be enough that blocking will hold.

Lovely bolero! Clare's really cute. :D

I'll be honest and say I like the shape of the pinwheel cardigan, but not the bullseye it creates on the back. I think I'd like it if it were a solid colour. The other cardi with the tie is interesting, but again, I think I'd prefer a solid colour. So I'm no help at all!

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Wannietta said...

Not a fan of the pinwheel cardigan - maybe I just haven't seen it knit in the "perfect" yarn yet. I do like the IK sweater though!

Clare looks like Amanda - played in!! Don't leave white on her for too long. Seriously though, the sweater looks great.


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