Monday, July 24, 2006

An Early Sunset for Soleil

After knitting about 7 inches of my Soleil-alike, I decided to cut my losses and head for the frog pond. I just can't see a way around the curling edge issue. I did test press part of the edge and it really doesn't provide a satisfactory solution.

I'm probably still tainted from the "Theresa" issue last September. (Theresa is a wrap-cardigan from Debbie Bliss' Junior Knits) I knit the first 6 inches of the back of Theresa using mercerized cotton and a variety of needle sizes and stitch treatments THREE times without conquering the curling edge problem. I love mercerized cotton, but not what it does to my wrists, so I'd rather avoid a lot of re-knitting!

Instead, I'm going to recycle the Paton's Grace (tangelo) into this tank from Vogue Knitting, Summer 2006. I think that the bottom ribbing and textured stitch should prevent curling issues. Besides the appealing stitch pattern, this project is tempting because I calculate that my chances are no better than 50/50 that I can complete it with the six skeins of Grace in my stash. Hey, who doesn't love a photo-finish!

And of course I have the perfect tote for my citrus-coloured tank WIP...the citrus-coloured mini-toggle tote! It's all about the details!


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Lizzie said...

Ack, I hate curling edges! I'm sorry you had to frog but good luck finding a new project for that pretty yarn!


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