Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Home Run for Reach for the Rainbow!

Gillian just finished two weeks of aquatics camp at our local YMCA. She is able to attend this camp only because she is supported "one on one" by a worker through "Reach for the Rainbow"

The counsellors at Reach for the Rainbow are uniformly wonderful. I'm sure that I'm tempting fate for next year, but over the last two years, everyone we've met through the Reach for the Rainbow/YMCA program has been indescribably fabulous!

The counsellors work very hard to integrate Gillian into their "regular" program, take her behaviours in stride and ALWAYS have something positive to say about her at the end of the day. I couldn't hope for more.

There are so many places where Gillian isn't welcome, that it is truly thrilling to find an oasis of loving support for a special needs child!

Thanks for a fabulous summer camp experience, Reach for the Rainbow...
Special thanks to Mary, Melinda, Anika, Sylvia and Robyn (apologies for all those wonderful counsellors whose names escape me for the moment!)

A big kiss for all of you...


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