Saturday, September 16, 2006

What a Week!!

Tuesday was our 14th anniversary, so hopeless romantic that he is, DH took the week off work and whisked me away for a second honeymoon (sans kids, of course)

Norwegian Cruise Lines provided our escape to the Mexican Riviera!

The ship's accomodations were luxurious, the food delicious and every amenity imaginable was on board!

How could you not love a beach like this?

Perfect for romantic, midnight strolls with my sweetie.

Ok, that's the slightly re-touched, romanticized version. Here's what really happened.

DH did book a week of vacation, but had to return to the office two out of five days because a co-worker carelessly (and rather inconsiderately I might add), scratched the dickens out of his cornea (Ewww....) and DH needed to pinch hit.

We didn't go anywhere or do anything more exciting than order pizza this week, but we did spend exactly the same amount of money that we would have on the luxury cruise!'s what we did...

Killed our furnace: Note nifty, shiny replacement unit. Installed for around $4,500

Killed my fuel pump: A bargain relative to the new furnace at just under $1,000.

But don't think it was all drugery for, no, no! To keep himself busy while waiting for the furnace quotation guys to arrive, DH installed quarter round on our ground floor, upstairs hallway and in Gillian's room.

Normally, this wouldn't have presented much of a challenge to my Handyguy Hubby, so just to keep things interesting he installed the quarter round using the "Bramalea Proprietary Mitering Angles" favoured by our house builders. Nearest DH can figure, our contractors eschewed the standard corner measures of 90, 45 and 135 degrees in favour of a random distribution of 41, 49, 142 and 38 degree angles. Well, it kept the job interesting and the air blue for a while.

On the plus side, after a week like this, work is looking pretty appetizing to DH.


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Wannietta said...

okay - I"m not gullible, I'm trusting so you had me going for a bit there. lol I would have had to ask you to get your husband to coach my husband on "romantic".
The random corner angles - that's funny. And only because it was your DH and not mine.

Happy anniversary!


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