Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Couple Lessons Learned this Weekend

Lesson One:

A Retriever, no matter how well trained, is really just a stomach wandering around on four legs. I was out with the girls on Saturday when I received a cellphone call from DH. Seems that Haley the wonderdog had devoured an entire loaf of banana bread that was cooling on a kitchen counter. This banana bread was one of Gilly's creations and so it was chock-full of chocolate chips...semi-sweet real chocolate, chocolate chips...the kind that are toxic to dogs. One quick call to the vet and administration of an appropriate emetic later and the problem was solved. I am truly amazed at the capacity of a Retriever's stomach and its ability to apparently swallow an entire loaf of banana bread whole. ick

Lesson Two:

Self-striping yarn is not self-managing yarn. That is, given the opportunity to pool unattractively, self-striping sock yarn will rise to the occasion.

Admittedly, I was using said sock yarn to knit the sleeve for a child's sweater. The difference in the size of the sleeve relative to the circumference of a sock probably contributed to the pooling problem. Anyway, I was just finishing the increases in the sleeve when I noticed a big, ugly black inkblot on my work. Turns out it wasn't a stain, but a licorice coloured stripe pool! Don't know how I missed that as I was working on it, except that I was watching Transamerica at the same time. (FWIW, Felicity Huffmann's performance was riveting.)

So, on Sunday night, I've cleaned up the dog vomit, ripped back a dozen rows on my Tiger sleeve (and wound a small ball of Tiger so that I can knit two rows each from alternating balls...just in case), folded the last of a half-dozen loads of laundry and loaded up the school bags with permission slips, field trip funds, homework (including gripping accounts of the hurling dog adventure), recorders and weather appropriate clothing.

Time for a glass of cheap wine and something on the Food Network to finish off this perfect weekend!


At 5:37 AM, Blogger Ruinwen said... vomit and time at the frog pond...sorry things have been so blah...

Here's to a better week with no secretions of the belly or pooling of the sock yarn. :)


At 1:45 PM, Blogger Wannietta said...

Is dog vomit more disgusting than cat regurgitation? I'm sure that it's a tough call so I totally feel sorry for you!!

I don't mind pooling - I love just about anything that a variegated yarn can do. Unless it pools in a blob over a boob; that's just plain old unattractive! I hope that you're happy with the re-knit.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Maggie said...

Scary about Haley! I'm glad she's okay, and sorry you had to deal with it. Stomach on legs is pretty accurate. Cuba, one of my cats, looks so sleek and intelligent. Which is why I had to laugh so hard when the other day she stalked, killed and ate a piece of kleenex with such fervor. Poor, stupid Cuba. :)

Clare's sweater looks fantastic!


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