Friday, December 07, 2007

Getting Back Up the last week and a bit, the car has been restored to an operational status again after numerous trips to the local service station, I've wrapped 60+ presents (don't ask...but at least it kept me productive while house-bound), participated in a couple glue-gun/popsicle stick/dried fruit holiday craft afternoons with a Grade 3 class, shuffled kids to the dentist and eye doctor, missed my SNB evening due to family illness and whipped up one pre-holiday finished object as an antidote to Everlasting Bag-pergatory...
Juliet by ZephyrStyle Although in fairness, I should also credit Ravelry, cuz I doubt this pattern would ever have made my radar if I hadn't been trolling through member projects looking for something to do with eight skeins of Goa.

Voila, Ellery's new Juliet Cardigan. It's made from the Goa in my stash and the only pattern modification was to rip out and reknit the lace panel with one fewer repeats to conserve yarn while preserving the proportion of the garment. When I've had a chance to pick out some frogs or buttons, I'll post a picture of Ellery modelling it. Juliet is surprisingly flattering and equally surprisingly loved by my picky oldest dd.

Oh yeah, this knitting from stash thing...great idea in principle, but the heart-stopping nature of finishing a garment with this as leftovers:

is really getting old fast.

Oh yeah, BTW the mystery illness has receded to a merely annoying wet hack, so I'm good to to for this weekend's excitement including a trial overnight stay for Boo at a respite centre (that should be restful for the family...NOT), swimming, Christmas Pageant rehersal and getting a jumpstart on the gross or so of cookies that I need for Tuesday's Cookie Exchange!

Anyone have an absolutely fabulous Christmas Cookie recipe??


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Ruinwen said...

Just beautiful! Glad you are feeling a little better! :)

At 5:42 PM, Blogger knitty_kat said...

ooh, good-luck with the cookies! But the knitting looks great.


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