Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A finished object...seems like a while

It's the little baby sweater. The pencil looks a bit silly there, but without something for scale, you really can't appreciate that it is smaller than a typical baby sweater.

I'm still working away on Cinxia and have completed most of the first sleeve. The border pattern is very slow going. I do have a couple things that I would like to complete before Christmas this year, so I may be forced to put Cinxia aside till after the holidays. Funny to be thinking about Christmas being on top of us, when Halloween is still almost a week away!

On an unrelated note, I took Gillian to school after her dental appointment (no cavities and the dentist said that her little mouth was pristine!!) and had a moment to chat with the EA. As she took Gilly's lunch bag (more like a small suitcase) from me Mrs. M remarked "You must spend a lot of time making lunch in the morning Mrs. G...Gillian always has such a nice lunch, with cut up fruits and veggies, pita pizza and homemade cookies"

Alright! Assuming that Gillian is a representive sample of my offspring, my kids have clean mouths and nice lunches!! Woo Hoo! Two nuggets of positive parenting reinforcement in the same day...I'm giddy...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Not much knitting by me...

My forearms are bothering me and I figured the best way to nip a tendonitis problem in the bud was to rest them for a while.

In the meantime, Ellery, my oldest, has taken up knitting. Here is her first piece of garter stitch!

Too cute isn't it.

I did finish the teeny baby sweater and it is on the board blocking. I'll snap a picture of it when the ends are woven in.

I'm working on Cinxia's first sleeve. Don't know if I'm enjoying this project yet.

Oh, my SNB group is having a Halloween "Haunted Stash" party tomorrow. (A chance to purge your stash of SCARY yarn) Geez do I have some terrifying contributions for the cauldron!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Awwww.....two new teeny projects...

A single ball of luscious baby yarn, destined to become a sweater for a luscious baby.

My cousin gave birth to her first child, a daughter, Cosette last month and I'm making a cardigan/cap set for her. Cozie only weighed two pounds at birth, so the premie pattern requires only a single ball of yarn.

This is a gauge swatch for my older nephew's Christmas present.

It's going to be a mono-chromatic Hamish from Rowan's Junior Knits.

It is a straight-forward pattern, so there is no excuse not to finish in time to ship it to the UK! Wish me luck!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Kyle's Kaps...

Ok, bad aliteration, but captioning has never been my strong suit.

Here are the caps that I'm mailing off to Kyle tomorrow. Please ignore the surly pout on the world's most uncooperative hat model, Clare. Clare is six years old, going on sullen teenager.

This is a simple roll brimmed cap made of Elann's version of Cascade Fixation, a cotton and elastic twisted yarn. The elastic makes it fit snugly, but comfortably and it was knit on dpns to eliminate any itchy seams.

The black watch cap was knit from Lion Brand MicroSpun in 2X2 rib on dpns. Again, it's most important design feature is that it is really soft for a bare scalp. Hopefully, neither hat will be too warm for indoor wear.

No photo, but I have been beetling along on Cinxia. I've completed another couple inches in the twisted stockingette. Geez, it is slow going.

I'm in the process of stitching together Elle's zippered cardigan. The weather turned on us, quickly and sharply this week, and suddenly, autumn is here! At least Clare's sweater is finished!

Monday, October 03, 2005

A miniature hat...or a really big swatch...

You tell me...

This is a prototype of Kyle's hat. (Kyle is the kindergarten student with alopecia) I based the size on rough estimates of a sample of kindergarten boys at my daughters' school. (Try to do that without looking like some sort of perverted stalker!) I based wrong. Earlier on in the knitting process, I had suspicions that the hat might be too small, but opted to continue knitting it anyway.

That strategy is slightly less silly than it sounds, because for a dpn-knitted garment, like a sock or a hat, I find that finished gauge is different than swatch gauge knitted on straight needles. And as long as you are knitting a fairly tiny tube swatch on dpns, might as well just start on the garment. You just have to be prepared to frog some stuff! Anyway, I was stuck waiting for a Go Train when I suspected the hat wasn't going to fit, but had another hour to fill with no other knitting, hence the mini-hat.

To avoid another disappointment, I broke down and asked a friend to take stealthy measurements of Kyle's head. Turns out, I had a near-perfect head model living under my own roof. My daughter Clare is one year older than Kyle and blessed with a ton of hair, so she wasn't an obvious choice, but she and Kyle have practically identical noggins.

No more melon models!

The black watch cap is knit in Micro-Spun from Lion Brand. I did pick up a spare skein in a different colour today and some Lion Suede to test knit as well!

Now that I have hat yarn, I can take a little break from Cinxia-a-long I like the way that it looks so far, but the twisted stockingette stitch is rather slow and I could use a little change of pace. Note the classy yarn with purchase from the LCBO!

No progress on seaming Elle's zippered cardigan yet, it's too grey a day here and I'm just not that ambitious!